( is an Intel Celeron computer, using an ASRock N3150DC motherboard. This simple, low-power, quiet, caseless machine was assembled in September 2016. It runs Debian stretch-amd64 Linux at LBNL.

News: 2018-05-29 transition to new hardware and Debian stretch. Ssh host keys changed yet again.

Old News: On 2015-06-22, this machine suffered a disk crash. I have restored most, but not all, of its previous functionality on a newer (but recycled!) platform. Ssh host keys are changed again.

Old News: On 2008-02-10, user accounts on this machine were temporarily disabled. They were restored on 2008-02-12 after Debian kernel 2.6.24-4 was installed, fixing CVE-2008-0010, CVE-2008-0163, and CVE-2008-0600. See Debian bug #464945.

Old News: On 2006-07-13, user accounts on this machine were temporarily disabled. They were restored after the patch for CVE-2006-2451 was installed.

Old News: This machine suffered a disk crash during a power failure on February 28, 2006. Only a handful of user files were lost, but the system setup took some time to recover. The only lasting and visible effect is a change in the ssh host key. If you used ssh to connect before that date, you need to trash the old entry in your ssh client known_hosts table.

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I have kept this name through several generations of computers: previous incarnations have included a 3.5 GHz Athon64 from 2004, a 400 MHz Pentium II from 1999, a 90 MHz Pentium Classic from 1995, and a 25 MHz i386 from 1992. All running Linux, of course.


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