Behavior of the SNS Front End Emittance Device

Lawrence R. Doolittle, LBNL
SNS Tech Note FE-EE-022
February 11, 2002

The SNS Front End 2.5 MeV Emittance Device was first tested with beam from the RFQ on February 1, 2002. The hardware is simple in concept, but has some non-obvious behavior that needs to be understood before the output data can be used to construct renderings of phase space intensities, and compute emittances. This note documents the wiring, channel mapping, offset subtraction, channel sensitivity calibration, and probable slit scattering.

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You may download a kit (16K) that allows a complete regeneration of the note. For space reasons, this kit does not include the three data files archived from the run, so you need to find those separately:

This kit is tested on a Linux box with octave and LaTeX installed. Unpack it, and type "make" to get as far as the .dvi and .eps files. Other choices include "make print" and "make web".

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The master URL for this note is here. That's where you can check back for errata, if any.

Larry Doolittle
February 11, 2002