Lawrence Doolittle, Alessandro Ratti, Marco Monroy, LBNL, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
Mark Champion, Hengjie Ma, ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, USA

Poster TPAG018 presented at the Particle Accelerator Conference 2003, Portland, Oregon, May 12-15, 2003.


A new approach has been taken to develop and build the Low-Level RF Control System for the SNS Front End and Linear Accelerators, as reported in a separate paper in this conference. An interim version, based on the proven LBNL MEBT design, was constructed to support short-term goals and early commissioning of the Front End RFQ and DTL accelerators, while the final system is under development. Additional units of the interim system are in use at JLab and LANL for concept testing, code development, and commissioning of SNS SRF cryomodules. The conceptual design of the MEBT system had already been presented elsewhere, and this paper will address operational experiences and performance measurements with the existing interim system hardware, including commissioning results at the SNS site for the Front End and DTL Tank 3 together with operational results from the JLab test stand.



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Larry Doolittle
May 15, 2003