// nanoengine_if.v
// Gateway from nanoEngine expansion bus to on-chip FPGA local bus
// $Id$
// Larry Doolittle, LBNL

// llc-suite Copyright (c) 2004, The Regents of the University of
// California, through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (subject
// to receipt of any required approvals from the U.S. Dept. of Energy).
// All rights reserved.

// Your use of this software is pursuant to a "BSD-style" open
// source license agreement, the text of which is in license.txt
// (md5sum a1e0e81c78f6eba050b0e96996f49fd5) that should accompany
// this file.  If the license agreement is not there, or if you
// have questions about the license, please contact Berkeley Lab's
// Technology Transfer Department at TTD@lbl.gov referring to
// "llc-suite (LBNL Ref CR-1988)"

// Initial coding: August 2003
// Designed according to a two page PDF document from Bright Star,
// unfortunately not published on their web site, titled "Multiplexed
// Mode Timing".  Other nanoEngine documentation at
// (http://www.brightstareng.com/arm/nanoeng.htm).
// Stripped out from the working adctest.v on the LBNL LLRF system,
// but updated to enforce stricter timing.
// Contrast with vxi_if.v

`timescale 1ns / 1ns

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module nanoengine_ifIndex(
// pin names that connect to the physical nanoEngine expansion bus
	inout [15:0] PD,  // pin a
	input  CK_host,   // pin b
	input  ALE_host,  // pin c
	input  WE_host,   // pin d
	input  RD_host,   // pin e
	input  CS0_host,  // pin f
	output RDY_host,  // pin g
	output INT_host,  // pin h
// magic interconnect names implement the local (on-chip) bus master
	output            host_clk,     // interconnect
	output reg [13:0] host_addr,    // interconnect
	output reg [15:0] host_data,    // interconnect
	input      [15:0] host_read,    // interconnect
	output reg        host_we,      // interconnect
	output reg        host_re,      // interconnect
	output            rst,          // interconnect
	input         host_interrupt    // interconnect

assign RDY_host = 1'b1;
reg rst2;
initial begin rst2=0; #5; rst2=1; #5; rst2=0; end
assign rst = rst2;
assign rst = 0;
assign INT_host = host_interrupt;  // copy interconnect to the pin

// buffer the clock
wire clk_hack;
IBUF u4( clk_hack, CK_host);  // since CK_host is not a dedicated clock pad
BUFG u3( host_clk, clk_hack);

reg host_write_cycle, host_read_cycle;
reg host_re_mature, bus_drive;
reg [15:0] read_result;

// WE_host, RD_host, and ALE_host are all synchronous with host_clk.
// CS0_host is not, but it goes active (low) before all the other activity.
wire  host_write_detect = (~WE_host) & (~CS0_host);
wire  host_read_detect  = (~RD_host) & (~CS0_host);
wire  host_ale_detect   = (ALE_host) & (~CS0_host);
wire  host_we_lead      = host_write_detect & ~host_write_cycle;
wire  host_re_lead      = host_read_detect  & ~host_read_cycle;

always @(posedge host_clk) begin
	if (host_ale_detect) host_addr <= PD[15:2];
	host_write_cycle <= host_write_detect;
	host_we          <= host_we_lead;  // single cycle only
	if (host_we_lead) host_data <= PD;
	host_read_cycle  <= host_read_detect;
	host_re          <= host_re_lead;  // single cycle only
	if (host_re_lead) read_result <= host_read;
	bus_drive        <= (host_re_lead | bus_drive ) & host_read_detect;

// Three-state bus
assign PD = (bus_drive & host_read_detect) ? read_result : 16'hZZZZ;



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